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We have found that to eliminate housing as a reason for survivors to stay in an abusive relationship, they need multiple options. The Domestic Violence Housing First Approach offers options through following pillars.

Tailored services: DVHF advocates ask “what do you need to get stable?” instead of “these are the services I can offer you”

Mobile Advocacy: Advocates literally meet survivors where they are, which can eliminate transportation barriers and takes the burden off the survivor to get to the advocate.

Temporary/Practical Financial Assistance: Unlike some financial assistance programs that only provide rental and utility assistance, DVHF provides targeted, temporary financial assistance that meets the needs of survivors.

  • Some examples include:
    • Transportation: driving lessons, fuel, car repair, new tires
    • Child care: co-pays, child care bills
    • Employment: work permits, transportation, education, training programs
    • Housing: rental applications, rental assistance, deposits, utilities

Housing Search and Retention Support: DVHF Advocates work with survivors on accessing and retaining their housing by educating, advocating and building relationships with landlords and Public Housing Authorities:

Resources for DVHF Advocates:

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