Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Advocacy for People with Disabilities

This course contains four lessons totaling 11 hours of continuing education credit for domestic violence advocates. The first three lessons involve reading and study, and the fourth lesson is experiential in nature. Because each lesson builds on the knowledge of the previous lesson(s), it is recommended that you take the lessons in sequence. The goals of the course are to:

  • Understand how living with a disability impacts the lives of survivors of domestic violence.
  • Learn how people with disabilities are engaged in a civil rights movement, modeled in part on the battered women's movement.
  • Learn practical tools that will help you provide better advocacy for survivors with disabilities.
  • Develop ideas about building community partnerships with disability advocates.

Updated September 2010

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Lesson 1

You will earn 2 hours for completing this lesson

Lesson 2

You will earn 3 hours for completing this lesson

Lesson 3

You will earn 3 hours for completing this lesson

Lesson 4

You will earn 3 hours for completing this lesson


When you have finished this course (or all the lessons you intend to complete), fill out this evaluation in order to receive credit in our database for the training hours you completed.