Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Register for Online Training

  • All online training courses can be taken free of charge if you are a volunteer or employee at a WSCADV member program.  All courses are free to students as well.

  • If you are a domestic violence or sexual assault advocate but your program is not a WSCADV member, the fee is $25 per course.  If you are not an advocate or a student, the fee is $50 per course. 

Please select the distance learning courses you want to register for:

Advocacy for People with Disabilities
Advocacy for Language Access                                     (previous title:  Common Grounds, New Directions)
Child Support & Domestic Violence
Home Sweet/Safe Home
Healthy, Wealthy & Wise
Intro to Nonprofit Finance
Learning the Laws on Confidentiality
Making Work Work
Program Evaluation
Protective Orders in WA State: The Basics
Public Benefits 101
Public Benefits for Immigrant Survivors
The Role of Legal Advocacy
Thinking Shelter

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