Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Jewish Caucus

The Jewish caucus provides opportunities for its participants to support one another; to explore our Jewish identities; and to become better allies to other marginalized people while increasing advocacy for survivors of domestic violence in the Jewish community.  For more information, or to join the caucus, use this form.


The Jewish Caucus is open to individuals working at member programs of the Coalition who self-identify as Jewish, including Jews who are: Adopted, Jews of color, Reconstructionist, Ashkenazim, Jews with disabilities, Reform, Atheists, Mizrahim, Refugees, Communists, Non-practicing, Renewal, Conservative, Observant, Secular, Cultural Jews, Orthodox, Sephardim, Immigrants, Patrilineal, Survivors of domestic Violence, Jews by choice, and Queer.

Activities include

  • Workshops on increasing Jewish visibility and inclusion in DV programs; culture, spirituality, and community; and Jewish oppression and liberation including internalized anti-Semitism
  • Annual meeting at the Coalition's annual conferences
  • Sponsorship of a Pre-Passover Seder for Jewish Women who have experienced domestic violence that takes place in the Seattle area each year.


For more information about domestic violence and the Jewish community, contact: