Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Our Projects

The goal of every project at the Coalition is to amplify the voices of survivors. No matter what the topic, our projects support:

  • what survivors need to overcome abuse,
  • what systems (e.g. police, housing authorities, CPS) need to support survivors, and
  • what communities need in order to go way beyond simply raising awareness, to actually ending domestic violence.

Children's Justice Initiative

We work on issues that impact children affected by domestic violence, and provide education and support to advocates working with children. Learn more.

Communications Project

Striving to raise public awareness about domestic violence, our Communications Project engages with the media and develops messaging materials. Learn more.

disAbility Advocacy Project

The goal of the disAbility Advocacy Project is to make domestic violence advocacy more accessible and welcoming for survivors with disabilities. Learn more.

Domestic Violence Housing First

Domestic violence is a leading cause of homelessness for women and children. We are partnering with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to eliminate housing as a reason to stay in an abusive relationship. Learn more.

Economic Justice Project

We envision a world where women and girls have access to money, housing, childcare,and education and can make decisions about their relationships without regard for the financial impact of those decisions. Learn more.

Fatality Review

The Fatality Review convenes community groups to examine domestic violence related deaths, and makes policy recommendations to improve the community response to domestic violence. Learn more.

Immigration Project - Crossing Borders

Las sobrevivientes nos dicen que el estatus migratorio y el aislamiento cultural son los mayores obstáculos para obtener seguridad. Crossing Borders (Cruzando Fronteras) ofrece herramientas para intercesoras que trabajan en minimizar éstos obstáculos. Aprende más sobre esto aquí. Survivors tell us that immigration status and cultural isolation are major barriers to getting safe. Crossing Borders offers tools for advocates working to minimize these barriers. Learn more.

Leadership Development

We help domestic violence programs with the business of running themselves. We promote visionary leadership, management excellence, practical skills, and mentoring of the next generation of skilled leaders. Learn more.

Legal Advocacy Project

The Legal Advocacy Project takes on complex civil and criminal legal issues, helping legal advocates provide both excellent services to individuals, and strong systems advocacy with law enforcement and the courts. Learn more.

Networks and Caucuses

The Coalition sponsors a variety of constituency groups and encourages them to convene for the purpose of mutual support and organizing. Learn more.

Pregnant and Parenting Project

Improving services to pregnant and parenting women and teens who are survivors of domestic and sexual violence, and stalking. Learn more

Prevention Work

Together we can end domestic violence. Learn more.

Program Evaluation

How do we find out what survivors think about the services that programs provide? Are the services as helpful as they could be? If we make changes based on survivor feedback, how do we find out if they're actually improvements? Learn more.

Public Policy

Public policy advocacy includes working for improved laws, helping our members communicate with their legislators, and educating our members on changes in state and federal law. Learn more.

Shelter Support Project

We provide shelter programs with the tools needed to support survivors' autonomy and empowerment. Learn more.

Technology Safety

We educate advocates and survivors on the ways that abusers use technology to control their victims and how to avoid these pitfalls and use technology safely. Learn more.