Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Technology Safety


Is Technology a tool or a weapon? Survivors use computers and cell phones to cope with and escape domestic violence. But these technologies can also trap and track victims. Our project educates survivors and advocates on ways to use technology safely. And we try to stay one step ahead of batterers who are thinking up new ways to use technology to control.

What's new?

New grant! The Office of Violence Against Women funded WSCADV and NNEDV to work with DV and SA agencies in Washington and eight other western states on technology safety and stalking.

We may be able to help you with:

  • Training and information
  • On-site and other technical assistance

This assistance is available only to agencies receiving OVW funding (e.g., STOP, transitional housing, LAV). Contact us with questions or to request help.

Get Money, Get Safe

Formerly known as Resources for Survivors and Advocates, this website is a collection of practical links that can help survivors find solutions to the most common situations they face when they flee an abusive relationship.  This website is a work-in-progress: GetMoneyGetSafe.org

Tech Safety Pilot Project

Funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation enabled us to launch a pilot project for tech safety at local programs. To help survivors understand the safe use of technology, We installed computers for survivors' use at local programs and trained survivors and advocates on technology safety.

The grant also helped us develop a specialized self-paced lesson that teaches about safe use of cell phones, computers and the internet. The program also covers guarding credit and how to avoid identity theft. Contact us for more information.

Project Reports

Our project reports provide more in-depth information on key discoveries and the success of the Tech Safety Project: Findings of the Tech Safety Project