Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Pregnant and Parenting Project

WCSAP and WSCADV are working together on a new project to improve services to pregnant and parenting women.

As a part of this project, we have selected 3 agencies as demonstration sites to improve services for pregnant and parenting women and teens. For the purposes of this project, “parenting” is defined as women with babies up to a year old

What are the grant goals? The goal of the grant is to improve services for victims. Basically, we want legal, health and social services to routinely and compassionately screen for abuse and make appropriate, culturally relevant referrals. We will support existing partnerships or help establish new partnerships between the identified disciplines.

The three demonstration sites will work to create model practices in

  • recognizing the role of violence and control in reproductive health including reproductive coercion, coerced pregnancy, and birth control sabotage
  • identifying pregnant and parenting women and teens who have experienced sexual assault and domestic violence
  • developing strategies that support survivor-identified needs
  • strengthening connections between project partners in identified disciplines
  • improving access to relevant local resources for pregnant and parenting women and teens