Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Public Policy

Our work focuses on advocating for legislation in the Washington State Legislature and Congress, educating membership about the policy process, and helping our members communicate with their legislators.

We also provide input on court rules and state agency policies related to survivors and domestic violence programs, as well as participate on committees and work groups that address a variety of social justice issues.

New! Tips for Meeting with Legislators

New! Voter Participation Campaign

New! Guidelines for Non-Profits During Election Season

Legislative Action Center

Look up your elected officials, find out about bills related to domestic violence, take action on current legislative issues. Get involved here!

Legislative Action Alert List

Join our Legislative Action Alert List to get the most up-to-date news about what's going on in Olympia. You can expect to receive one to three messages a week during the state legislative session and less frequent messages the rest of the year. Sign up here

Legislative Updates

During the annual Washington state legislative session, we provide updates on our priority issues and bills.