Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Washington Fatalities by County

This table represents the number of domestic-violence related homicides and suicides in each Washington county. This table is updated every six months.

Homicide deaths include:

  • homicides of domestic violence victims, their children, friends and family members by domestic violence abusers
  • homicides of law enforcement by domestic violence abusers
  • homicides of abusers by domestic violence victims
  • homicides of abusers by victims' friends, family, or bystanders
  • homicides of children by domestic violence victims

Suicide deaths include:

  • suicides of domestic violence abusers, after the abuser has committed domestic vioelnce homicide or assault
  • "suicide by police": abusers killed by law enforcement officers while committing life threatening violence toward a victim

It is likely that the numbers in this table represent an undercount of domestic violence fatalities. Some domestic violence homicides may be unsolved or unreported.

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