Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence

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If you need help right now, find your local domestic violence program or call the Washington State Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-562-6025.

Advocates can help you plan for your safety, find resources, and discuss options. It's free and confidential.


Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence (WSCADV)

Seattle Office
500 Union Street, Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98101
Phone: (206) 389-2515 (v)
FAX: (206) 389-2520
TTY: (206) 389-2900
Olympia Office
711 Capitol Way, Suite 702
Olympia, WA 98501
Phone: (360) 586-1022 (v)
FAX: (360) 586-1024
TTY: (360) 586-1029

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Contact us at our general email: wscadv (at) wscadv.org

To email a specific staff person: [First Name] (at) wscadv.org

All phone numbers listed below are voice lines (v); if you require a TTY line, please call one of the numbers listed above.

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Ankita Patel
Crossing Borders - Immigrant and Refugee Project
206-389-2515 x207 (v)

Erin Doherty
Administrative Assistant, Product Orders
360-586-1022 x305 (v) 

Gabriela Alor
Crossing Borders - Immigrant and Refugee Project
206-389-2515 x212 (v)

Grace Huang
Public Policy
206-389-2515 x209 (v)

Ilene Stohl
Prevention, Teen Dating Violence
360-586-1022 x302 (v)

Jake Fawcett
Fatality Review
206-389-2515 x211 (v)

Jeri Sweet
360-586-1022 x304 (v)

Judy Chen
Leadership & Management Project, Fund Development
206-389-2515 x206 (v)

Kelly Starr
Communications, Media Inquiries, Refuse To Abuse®
206-389-2515 x210 (v)

Kendra Gritsch
Domestic Violence Housing First
206-389-2515 x214 (v)

Leigh Hofheimer
Pregnant/Parenting Women and Teens, disAbility Advocacy, Caucuses & Networks
206-389-2515 x202 (v)

Linda Olsen
Domestic Violence Housing First
206-389-2515 x205 (v)

Mette Earlywine
Legal Advocacy
360-586-1022 x301 (v)

Nan Stoops
Executive Director
206-389-2515 x208 (v)

Paola Morinigo
Legal Advocacy, Immigrants and Refugees
360-586-1022 x307 (v)

Reed Forrester
Design, Technology
206-389-2515 x201 (v)

Sandi Scroggins
Executive Assistant, Membership
360-586-1022 x300 (v)

Traci Underwood
Economic Justice, Policy
206-389-2515 x213 (v)

Tyra Lindquist

Program Evaluation, Field Organizing
360-586-1022 x303 (v)


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Disclaimer: Contacting the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence (WSCADV) or any individuals in our organization in no way constitutes a "client" "agency" relationship. WSCADV's sole purpose is to provide education and resources on issues of domestic violence. WSCADV is not a direct service organization. WSCADV makes every effort to keep the most current information available on this site but does not warrant the accuracy or usability of this information.