A Look Into Online Pokies

One of the great advantages of pokies, especially the online version, is that they are so easy to learn about and learn to play. That is one of the reasons why they are the most popular group of games that can be found in the online casino. The attraction comes from a lot of things.

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More Info on How To Play Pokies Online

One of the attractions, certainly, is the fact that one does not have to plot strategy to compete against other players. That reduces the level of anxiety as to whether one is in control. Another thing that has to be considered is that there is such “ease of entry.” in other words, all you really need to do is place a bet, click on a button and you are pretty much off and running.

Of course, we wouldn’t presume to tell you that’s ALL there is to it. Part of understanding how to play online pokies check our our recommendation here, it involves knowing the proper procedure. That starts with finding the right game you want to play. Are you the type who likes something simple? The “classic” pokie is one with a single payline, across the reels, and contains roughly the same symbols on those reels that were present when the pokie (known as a slot machine in the U.S.) was introduced in Australia back in 1953.
The five-reel video pokie is far more popular, because there are more features and the format spawns more different ways to win. If you are interested in shopping for a pokie that has something favorable in the way of these features, you’ll want to check out some of the extra stuff like wild symbols, which can complete list of winning combinations, and scatters, which can send you into a bonus pokie round if enough of them appear on the screen (usually three of them). Do you like to play bonus games? Then you will like scatters, not to mention doubling, which allows you to play a simple card game for a chance to double any win.


What you’re going to do, once you choose the pokie you wish to play, is to get from there to the point where you are in action. In most cases, you will have to determine three things. One of them is the coin denomination you want to use. If you play for a penny at a time, you can find it. How about a dollar? You can find that too. Then it is a matter of how many of those coins you are going to use in your bet. For example, if you use a five-cent coin denomination, and play five coins, you’re playing a quarter at a time. Then you choose the number of paylines. Some pokies let you go to a hundred paylines, and as long as you don’t exceed the maximum bet, you can play all of them!